The Squid project, originally funded by an NSF grant, is now run entirely by volunteers. There are a few key individuals who keep the project running.

The Squid Software Foundation Directors

The Squid Software Foundation is a US registered non-profit (501(c)(3) tax-exempt) providing the infrastructure and support framework for Squid developers and users.

Squid Core Team

Emeritus developers who provided oversight of the Squid Project before The Squid Software Foundation.

Certified Developers

Developers who have contributed some significant feature to Squid and should have some familiarity with the processes involved.


  • Christos Tsantilas works mainly with ICAP, SSL-Bump, HTTPS and fixes some bugs.

  • Doug Dixon assisted with the early development of Squid-3.0

  • Eliezer Croitoru wrote and supports the Store ID and helpers, but also maintains unofficial CentOS and RHEL packages.

  • Francesco Chemolli works mainly on documentation and maintains the wiki, but also chimes in with patches every now and then.

  • Markus Moeller wrote and supports the Kerberos features


Squid Project Sysadmin Team

Other Contributors

Binary Package Maintainers

While squid is normally distributed in source form. Some dedicated people are donating their time to packaging Squid in other popular formats for easy use.

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