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🔗 Who are we?

The Squid project, originally funded by an NSF grant, is now run entirely by volunteers. There are a few key individuals who keep the project running.

🔗 The Squid Software Foundation Directors

The Squid Software Foundation is a US registered non-profit (501(c)(3) tax-exempt) providing the infrastructure and support framework for Squid developers and users.

🔗 Squid Core Team

Emeritus developers who provided oversight of the Squid Project before The Squid Software Foundation.

🔗 Certified Developers

Developers who have contributed some significant feature to Squid and should have some familiarity with the processes involved.



🔗 Binary Package Maintainers

While squid is normally distributed in source form. Some dedicated people are donating their time to packaging Squid in other popular formats for easy use.

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