I'm involved with squid development since 2000, I've been working mainly in the autentication area and on integration with Microsoft windows authentication systems.

Besides this, I'm a general nag-person for the other developers and I'm this wiki's admin.

I'm also known by the nickname "Kinkie".

There's a playground for new features available at /LabArea.
Random bits at /NotePad, along with some /RemindersToSelf.
I'm trying to improve combination filters in Jenkins, bits in /JenkinsBits.

I'm reachable by email at <kinkie@squid-cache.org>

Development hints and bits

  • Tokyo Cabinet

    • seems to be an interesting on-disk associative-array database (a la dbm, ndbm, gdbm, qdbm), it claims to be very fast. Might it be useful to store data or metadata?
  • Double-Array Trie implementation

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