Eliezer Croitoru

Email: <eliezer@ngtech.co.il>


I am working on an alternative for wccp implementation. This alternative will be composed from:

  • A Linux master(s) control node(s)
  • A set of Linux squids(without disk caching)
  • A redundant shared storage(nfs or glusterfs)
  • A set of proxy scripts that will update the state of the node on the shared storage
  • A Controller service or a set of scripts that will monitor the proxies states using the shared storage
  • A set of routers PBR\FBF\other control scripts that will be used to control and balance the traffic based on the shared state of the proxies
  • A set of Ansible playbooks and scripts that will help to deploy a whole setup from the grounds up
  • SSL-BUMP auto integration\deployment scripts


I have released SquidBlocker which can be an alternative to SquidGuard. If you are already here take a peek at SquidBlocker page just to understand a bit more about the different algorithms and ideas.


Now After a very long time that my work results StoreID and it has been tested of a very long time in production systems and considers Stable.
I am recommending for who ever reads this page to also take a peek at Caching Dynamic Content using Adaptation.

This is also the place to say thanks for all the great guidance from Amos Jeffris, Alex Rousskov the squid users community and all these "people" who helped and helps me everyday to continue and do my daily routines which makes me happier and thank god every moment.

Old times

Wrote many helpers for squid such as: "Heart Beat", "Caching Dynamic Content using Adaptation", "store url", "Echeclon ICAP server","DNSBL External_acl", "DNSBL server".

I also wrote an external_acl helper framework in ruby for many purposes which support concurrency.

Currently working on porting Store_url_rewrite from Squid-2.7 to Squid-3.3.

The plan is to add a "fake store url rewrite" (which was done) and then find the way to internally implement the Store_url_rewrite.

After reading literally thousands lines of code I'm still optimistic about the next steps.


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