Amos Jeffries

Email: squid3 (AT) treenet (DOT) co (DOT) nz

I joined the Squid development community in January 2007 intending to just complete a then-partial IPv6 feature branch and was promoted to the Core Developer team mid-May of that year. Being the sucker that I am, I also tripped my way into the position of release maintainer for Squid-3 early in 2008, then kicked off the Translation Project a few months later.

I run an IT Consulting business; Treehouse Networks Ltd. in New Zealand. Which provides customers from around the world with a web hosting, email and content delivery network (CDN) built with Squid.

A few bits and pieces about Squid including PayPal donations to me can be found at

Here is an auto-generated list of my current public Squid projects:

Completed and available:

  1. Features/AclRandom

  2. Features/BearerAuthentication

  3. Features/CodeTestBed

  4. Features/CommCleanup

  5. Features/ConfigIncludes

  6. Features/CppCodeFormat

  7. Features/EDNS

  8. Features/IPv6

  9. Features/LogModules

  10. Features/Tproxy4

Ongoing work:

  1. Features/ActAsOrigin

  2. Features/BetterStringBuffer

  3. Features/ClientSideCleanup

  4. Features/ConfigUpdater

  5. Features/FasterHttpParser

  6. Features/HTTP2

  7. Features/HotConf

  8. Features/InternalRedirectors

  9. Features/Optimizations

  10. Features/Socks

  11. Features/SourceLayout

  12. PerformanceMeasure

  13. Translating Squid Errors

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