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πŸ”— Feature: HTTP/2.0 support

πŸ”— Details

HTTP/2 was designed loosly based on the SPDY experimental protocol for framing HTTP requests in a multiplexed fashion over SSL connections. Avoiding the pipeline issues which HTTP has with its dependency on stateful β€œ\r\n” frame boundaries.

HTTP/2 has some major differences however:

Squid will support HTTP/2 formally and only support desired SPDY features which are IEFT approved and placed in the HTTP/2 specification.

πŸ”— Traffic from client to Squid

To implement a HTTP/2 receiving port in Squid we need to:

:x: this is only required because browser manufacturers refuse once again to implement proxy support for HTTP/2 over port 80 or 3128. Notable exception being MSIE which is being friendly to proxies.

πŸ”— Progress

Completed: (in Squid-3.5)

Completed: (in Squid-4)

Completed: (in http2 branch)


πŸ”— Traffic from Squid to servers

To implement a server gateway in Squid we need to:

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