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🔗 Feature: squid.conf migration

🔗 Details

Currently users are left with manually reading the release notes or online help with every upgrade between versions of Squid. When upgrading across several versions for example Squid 2.5 to 3.1 there are multiple sets of detailed release notes to wade through.

Starting with Squid-3.2 obsolete config directives are identified and upgrade instructions are printed out when squid -k parse command is used, or to cache.log if Squid is simply run without checking the config validity.

This project will have the side effect of also replacing all the obscure Bungled Config messages with meaningful instructions for both what is wrong with the config line and what to do about it.

🔗 Issues

🔗 Malformed Config Logic

Some common mistakes users have trouble with are caused by wrong config being “accepted” by Squid but not having the effect they expected. Having the parser detect these cases and warn about them would be good.

🔗 Solutions

Stuff done inSquid-3.2:

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