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🔗 Feature: ACL type “Random”

🔗 Details

The ACL of type “random” will accept a single value in one of three formats:

All three of these matches are proportional. The first two formats are provided for ease of configuration. They are converted to a decimal threshold as shown in the third format.

Every test, a new random number is generated and checked against the stored value. If the random number is within the threshold range of possibility the ACL will match.

:information_source: To debug this ACL use debug_options 28,3 and watch for lines beginning with “ACL Random”.

🔗 Use Cases

When used within tcp_outgoing_address or tcp_outgoing_tos selection this ACL permits load to be roughly split between multiple links based on their relative capacity.

This requires some additional configuration at the operating system level to ensure that the address or TOS values assigned are routed out the appropriate uplink. It is no use doing this in Squid if all traffic ends up going out the default anyway.

🔗 Log sampling of traffic

When used in access_log directives this ACL permits a small random proportion of requests to be logged. Rather than all traffic or some only matching fixed criteria.

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