Squid Roadmap

Roadmap rules

To minimize noise and the number of half-baked abandoned features, two Feature sets are established for Squid development projects: The TODO List and The Wish List.

TODO list
TODO list features determine the release focus and timeline. Each feature must document their desired effect and estimated development time. Each feature must have at least one known active developer behind it willing to prioritize the feature and be ready to spend the time to fully develop the proposed feature (i.e., write, test, document, commit, and provide initial support).

Wish List
The Wish List accumulates features that do not meet the strict TODO List criteria. Many of these features can be implemented if there is enough demand or a sponsor. Some may get implemented outside of the official process, submitted as patches, and accepted into the release.

There are no freezing points in the RoadMap. Instead, the development version gets branched whenever a reasonable number of features have been added. One branch gets renumbered and use as ongoing development. The other for Point Releases made at regular intervals with bug fixes.

All features must pass an auditing process for commit, and any feature which has passed that review process at time of branching will be included in that serie of piint releases.

Features which have not reached completion or have failed the audit, are automatically delayed to the next Squid series. Which should not be an unreasonable delay given the fast-track release plan.

Squid 5


Now in DEVELOPMENT cycle.

The set of new features and release timeline is determined by submissions and available developer time. New features may be completed and added at any time.

Features ported from 2.7 in this release:

Basic new features in 5.0:

  • Major UI changes:

    • Happy Eyeballs: Use each fully resolved forwarding destination ASAP.
  • Minor UI changes:

    • Add auth_schemes to control schemes presence and order in 401s/407s.

    • Add ACL types annotate_transaction and annotate_client.
    • Make CONNECT ACL a built-in default.
    • Add collapsed_forwarding_access to restrict Collapsed Forwarding of HTTP, ICP and HTCP requests.

    • Add mark_client_connection and mark_client_packet directives for Netfilter MARK and CONNMARK control.

    • Add deny_info and error page %A code to display Squid listening IP address.

    • New %ssl::<cert macro code to display received server X.509 certificate in PEM format.

  • Developer Interest changes:

    • ICAP Trailers.

    • Remove USE_CHUNKEDMEMPOOLS compiler flag.
    • All binaries now use standard EXIT_SUCCESS or EXIT_FAILURE termination results for better OS integration.
    • Migrated to TrivialDB from deprecated BerkleyDB versions.
    • ntlm_fake_auth: add ability to test delayed responses.
    • basic_ldap_auth: return BH on internal errors.

Packages of what will become Squid-5 source code are available at http://www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v5/

Security Advisories

See our Advisories list.

Open Bugs


These are the features we are trying to work on at present. New features may be requested, suggested, or added to the plan at any time. Those which are completed and merged will be in the next formal branch after their merge date.

Bug Zapping

Features Under Development

Features currently being worked on have a Goal, an ETA, and a Developer is listed; but Status is not "completed":

Some feature work saying completed but still having an ETA:

Wish List

Wishlist consists of features which have been suggested or requested but do not yet have a Developer or any contributor listed as willing to see the feature completed and support it.

Please contact squid-dev and discuss these if you with to take on development of one.

a Goal, an ETA, and a Developer is listed; but Status is not "completed":

Some beginner Tasks which anyone can help with.

Old Squid-2 wishlist:

  • Variant Invalidation

More ideas are available elsewhere.

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