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🔗 Future Release Schedule

Major stable releases follow a two-year schedule. Beta branches are spawned six months before the corresponding major stable release.

Date Release Event
2023-02-05 v6.0.1 v6 branch is created (in beta state)
2023-07-06 v6.1 v6 branch is declared stable
2025-02-02 v7.0.1 v7 branch is created (in beta state)
2025-07-03 v7.1 v7 branch is declared stable

For details of features already planned to be included in the upcoming series see our development RoadMap.

🔗 Notes

The published dates follow a two-year cycle: Every two years starting with 2023, we plan on branching a new beta on the first Sunday in February and declaring it stable six month later, on the first Sunday in July. The day-of-the-week choice is based on a Squid maintainer requirement. If that requirement changes, the dates will be adjusted (well in advance) by up to seven days in either direction.

A numbered vN branch is considered beta until it is declared stable. There will be no beta branch for the first 18 months of each two-year release cycle, reducing porting and maintenance overheads. The master branch will always be available for testing, of course.

The tabulated events are nearly instantaneous and should occur (or be deemed occurred) at the beginning of the corresponding day (T00:00:00) in maintainer time zone. After the event, any commits on the corresponding branch must follow ReleaseProcess policies designated to that branch status. The corresponding numbered release should occur as soon as possible after the tabulated event; the maintainer may need about 20 hours (or more) to complete all the required release-making steps.

This release schedule does not affect the master branch and any daily snapshots.

As we gain more experience with these regularly scheduled releases, and as our QA abilities improve, we may decide to shorten the release cycle (e.g., from two to one year) and/or adjust beta duration (e.g., from six to three or nine months). If that happens, the dates after August 1, 2021 and/or the corresponding release numbers may change.

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