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🔗 Squid on Fink

🔗 Pre-Built Binary Packages

Packages available in binary or source for Squid on i86 64-bit, i86 32-bit and PowerPC architectures.

Package Information: http://pdb.finkproject.org/pdb/package.php/squid-unified

Maintainer: Benjamin Reed

🔗 Compiling

Squid compiles on Mac OS X. However, there are some steps required before following the general build instructions.

  1. Install Xcode
    1. From Mac OS X, run the “AppStore” application
    2. Locate “Xcode”, Apple’s development environment
    3. Install “Xcode”
  2. Install Command-Line Tools
    1. Launch “Xcode”.
    2. Open “Xcode Preferences”.
    3. Bring up the “Downloads” tab.
    4. Under “Components” click the “Install” button for “Command Line Tools”.
    5. Quit Xcode.
  3. Verify Command-Line Tools
    1. Launch “Terminal”, usually located in the “Utilities” folder under “Applications”.
    2. Run “gcc –version”. Manually verify this produces sane output.
  4. From this point, the general build instructions should be all you need.

:warning: It is worth noting this platform doesn’t support EUI. The –enable-eui ./configure will cause build errors.

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