Squid Web Cache FAQ Table of Contents

  • /FaqIndex contains the detailed list of covered topics

  • /AboutSquid is about squid itself and the people behind it

  • /InnerWorkings: a few insights into squid and its underlying logic

Installation and Use


  • Explicit Proxy (or Forward Proxy) is the basic mode, upon which everything else is built.
  • /InterceptionProxy or how to run a proxy without your users knowing (mostly)

  • /ReverseProxy or Accelerator-mode: running Squid to improve a webserver pool's performance

  • Offline or aggressive mode: serving up stale data with minimal network usage

  • ESI processor (or ESI surrogate): Assembling web pages. This is a sub-type of accelerator mode which since Squid-3.3 is enabled automatically and cannot be used with other modes.

  • /OrderIsImportant. The most common mistake ever made is to overlook this. Even experts do it.

  • /TroubleShooting gives a few hints on what to do when squid fails or misbehaves

  • KnowledgeBase: Covers how things are supposed to work and what to look out for.

    • Includes specific help guides for supported operating systems.
  • ConfigExamples: Gives detailed configurations in case you have missed something

  • /SystemWeirdnesses shows how to expect some operating-system-dependent unexpected behaviors

  • /ToomanyMisses: why more than just a few TCP_SWAPFAIL_MISS

  • /WindowsUpdate: configuring squid to pass Windows Update

  • /ChromebookUpdate: configuring squid to pass ChromeOS Updates

  • /AddACacheDir: hints on how to increase a cache's capacity

  • /ClearingTheCache: how to wipe your entire disk cache in one easy step

  • /RAID: Why Squid and RAID play nasty together and what to do about it.

  • /BugReporting: if all else fails, how to report bugs to the Squid team.

Performance Tuning


  • /SquidLogs: writing and most important reading the various squid log files

  • /SquidMemory describes how squid uses RAM and how to optimize its usage

  • /SquidAcl (or Authorization): controlling squid's powerful access control features

  • /ContentAdaptation how to analyze, capture, block, replace, or modify the messages being proxied

  • /CacheDigests or ICP on steroids

  • /MiscFeatures: Squid 2.X miscellaneous features

Other FAQ

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