General advice

The settings detailed in this FAQ chapter are suggestion for operating-system-specific settings which may help when running busy caches. It is recommended to check that the settings have the desired effect by using the Cache Manager.



For busy caches, it makes sense to increase the number of system-wide available filedescriptors, by setting in: in /etc/sysctl.conf




This information is out-of-date, as with newer FreeBSD versions these parameters can be tuned at runtime via sysctl. We're looking for contributions to update this page

In order to run diskd you may need to tweak your kernel settings. Try setting in the kernel config file (larger values may be needed for very busy caches):

options         MSGMNB=8192     # max # of bytes in a queue
options         MSGMNI=40       # number of message queue identifiers
options         MSGSEG=512      # number of message segments per queue
options         MSGSSZ=64       # size of a message segment
options         MSGTQL=2048     # max messages in system

options SHMSEG=16
options SHMMNI=32
options SHMMAX=2097152
options SHMALL=4096
options MAXFILES=16384

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