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🔗 Binary Packages for Squid

🔗 Do you have pre-compiled binaries available?

The squid core team members do not have the resources to make pre-compiled binaries available. Instead, we invest effort into making the source code very portable and rely on others to provide such packaging as needed.

🔗 How do I install a binary for …?

Most operating system distributions provide packages in the formats appropriate for direct install on those systems. Please thank them.

We are aware of Squid binary packages being available as part of the operating system for:

And from third parties, for:

🔗 Can I get support for Squid version.. ?

If you are using a version of squid through some paid operating system (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise), then your supplier is your best first line of support.

Oftentimes distributions package oldish or old versions of Squid, and in most cases they include backports and OS-specific integrations. The Squid developers have generally no idea about how these are implemented, and most likely have no way to reproduce any issue you might find. There is a strong chance that if you came to us asking for support, the answer would be “please upgrade to the latest version as distributed by us”. So please rely on your operating system’s community and bug reporting systems as your first line of support

But then, Squid users and develoers are a nice community with a genuine desire to help and they will, if they can. The squid users community will be the best source of help for questions about configuring and operating squid. For code-related issues, such as crashes, see BugReporting

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