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🔗 Squid Build Farm

The Squid project aims to ensure compatibility with a big number of OSes. Aim of the Build Farm effort is to ensure that at least some testing is done on all platforms we can, and we rely on a number of Docker containers and virtual machines running on hosts kindly donated by volunteers and by DigitalOcean.

FrancescoChemolli is leading this effort.

Project sysadmins can find documentation on the Docker farm at BuildFarm/DockerBuildFarm. The images used to test our supported builds are available on the Docker Hub, and are built from instructions at GitHub; feel free to use them for your own builds.

Volunteer Help Sought:

MacOS Volunteers sought
Windows Cygwin Needed

Donations of disk space and CPU time are welcome and encouraged.

The actual testing will be coordinated by Jenkins at Our instance

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