Services Offered by the Squid Project and related providers

The Squid Project is not currently a financial concern. It is run by volunteers on Donations of both money, time and occasionally equipment.

  • Free services relating to alpha or beta releases of Squid are provided in the aim of improving the software. Some services provided publicly by volunteers.
  • Paid services and support contracts are provided by third-party commercial providers. Not all are part of the Project.

Installation / Configuration Support

  • Free User Support for any current stable release and perhapse for one or two slightly older releases is provided by volunteers on the squid-users mailing list or IRC channel #squid on

    Paid User Support for any release can be purchased from a team developer or Squid support provider. These are listed at

Technical Support

Free Technical support

For current release code (experimental, release candidate beta, or stable released) is provided by the team developers on the squid-dev mailing list. This is free-time support so no guarantees on time of completion or even response can be made. Please be aware that discussion on these issues should be kept public so anyone later can benefit from the one solution and minimize repeat problems.

For any release can be purchased from a team developer or Squid support provider. These are listed at

Security Advisories

Are provided free as email to the squid-announce mailing list alongside important release information. Also to several other relevant mailing lists and security sources as can be found by the announcer.

A history of Advisories can be found at

Squid Code Packages

Source Code

Are provided free via HTTP, FTP and RSYNC from the official website and mirrors. Such as

Binary Installation Packages

Are provided for many Operating Systems via their native binary package installation systems. See your OS distribution help for assistance on how to use that.

The ones we know about are detailed at SquidFaq/BinaryPackages

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