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🔗 Squid-2.6

today Squid-2.6 is CONSIDERED DANGEROUS as the security people say. Due to unfixed vulnerabilities CVE-2014-7141, CVE-2014-7142, CVE-2014-6270, CVE-2012-5643, CVE-2013-0189, CVE-2009-0801 and any other recently discovered issues.
Aug 2012 the Squid-2.6 series became OBSOLETE with the release of Squid-3.2 features
May 2008 the Squid-2.6 series became DEPRECATED with the release of Squid-2.7 series
Jul 2006 Released for production use.

During the sprint it was recognised that it would be beneficial to collect all of the available completed Squid-2.5 based works into a Squid-2.6 release while we work on getting Squid-3.0 ready.

There is very a large list of completed features developed for Squid-2.5 over the years and then ported and merged to Squid-3, but in reality production environments are all running the Squid-2.5 versions with different amounts of extra patches today. Not surprising given the fact that Squid-2.5 has been feature frozen for 3 years now.

The general consensus among the code sprint participants (Henrik_Nordström, FrancescoChemolli & our kind host GuidoSerassio) is that there is a benefit in collecting all of this already existing and proven Squid-2.x work into a Squid-2.6 release. It is a fairly low effort, especially considering that each of these pieces have been fairly well validated separately both by Squid developers and independenly by numerous users of these features, but will buy us a great deal in momentum while working on Squid-3.0 to stabilize.

List of things we have thought of include in a Squid-2.6 release include

And there is some upcoming projects which may get included if they make it in time:

Packages of squid 2.6 source code are available at http://www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v2/2.6/

🔗 Opinions on if there should be a release

Summary of the opinions regarding a Squid-2.6 release

Full in favor, including performance enhancements:

In favor, but no clear indication

Mixed feelins

Maybe, not including performance enhancements:

* = Core team member

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