Feature: Helper Multiplexer


Squid 3.0+ supports a multi-slot variant of the helper protocol, which allows to run multiple concurrent requests over a single helper.

Few helpers support that protocol yet. Aim of this Feature is to have a middleware object which talks the multi-slot protocol to Squid and runs a farm of helpers talking the single-slot variant of the protocol to them.

{i} NP: The helper is bundled with Squid-3.2, however it works with earlier releases which are capable of the multi-slot / concurrent protocol.


What's currently done:

  • data flows forwarding engine
  • multiplexer is agnostic on the variant of helper protocol used
  • lazy instantiation of work helpers - no predetermined limit
  • some helper error handling
  • diagnostics and debugging (too much of it)


What's left to do

  • handle work helper reaping / restarting
    • maybe will need to have the muxer understand at least part of the actual variant of the helper protocol.
  • debugging code cleanup


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