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🔗 Static code testing with Coverity Scan

The Squid project uses the services of Coverity Scan to run automated test builds, as part of the BuildFarm activities. Kudos to Coverity for supporting this useful community service.

Trunk will automatically be built (in “maximus” test-suite configuration only”) once a week and submitted to Coverity for analysis if the build is successful.

In order to access the results of the analysis you need to register an user by contacting <kinkie@squid-cache.org>. Please include in your mail in your mail your name, surname, desired username, a valid email address and a brief explanation of the motivation for requesting access. If you are not a regular participant to any of the Squid mailing lists, please also add a brief introduction or a link to some Net resource detailing your background.

You can then access the Squid analysis results page at address https://scan.coverity.com/

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