System Setup

As of April 2011, the squid build farm main node runs the KVM virtualization hypervisor. Build instructions:

  1. Hypervisor setup: make sure to use e1000 virtual NIC (openbsd >= 5.3 support virtio for HDD, NIC and mem)

  2. Use a default OS setup.
  3. Apply a workaround to disable mpbios and properly support OpenBSD on KVM.

  4. create jenkins user useradd -m jenkins; passwd jenkins

  5. set PKG_PATH in /root/.profile (e.g. to`uname -r`/packages/`machine -a`

  6. add packages: pkg_add jre bzr cppunit libxml ccache autoconf automake libtool m4 bash

    • autoconf and automake will likely require to resolve a conflict in version numbers; choose the most appropriate one and iterate for them
  7. you may want to also add pkg_add vim

  8. enable power management (for automatic system shutdown)
    • in /etc/rc.conf.local set apmd_flags=""

Build instructions

  • make sure to set up the environment variables AUTOMAKE_VERSION=1.9 and AUTOCONF_VERSION=2.61

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As of Aug 2015 I found out that OpenBSD 5.7 supports virtio network but has a bug in the driver while forwarding traffic as a gateway with a virtio device. Since 5.8(current) this bug was resolved(tested).

-- Eliezer Croitoru 2015-08-31 20:46:13

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