In order to prevent the time and resources drain that wiki spam would cause, we need to restrict user account creation (and consequently, write access to this wiki) to those the maintainers can identify as a real person.

In order to request a new account, please write to the wiki admin <kinkie AT squid-cache DOT org>; please remember to supply your name or nickname, your desired user-id (in CamelCase if possible); the mail address you use to send the mail will be recorded as your contact address.

Creating a personal account is needed to subscribe for page change notifications and to write to the wiki; everything else can be accessed as anonymous users.

We are looking forward to lift these restrictions as more antispam features will be added to the wiki engine.

For wiki admins: you can use the newaccount action, and an online random password generator. Please use CamelCase usernames if possible. After the account is created you probably want to add the user to the SquidWikiEditorsGroup as well.

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