Contributing to Squid Translations

We use the Pootle Toolkit to manage the Squid translations. Being an open-source project we have public access, but in order to protect our users against abuse we also have a layer of moderation between the general public and the official translation releases.

It can be a little hard to grasp whats happening so this page covers how the system works for people and how Squid project makes use of it.

Basic Overview

To ensure good quality results there is a short process you need to be aware of.

  1. People register and suggest new text. This gets stored until someone with the right knowledge can identify whether its right or not.

    • {i} if you find you want to do more than suggest we are always looking for moderators.

  2. When an new piece of text is checked it may be discarded as wrong or saved as a translation for everyone to see.
  3. At some point not too long after saving all current translations are bundled up and committed to the official packages for distribution.

Further details about these steps are covered below. Along with hints and examples of the tools used.

  • (!) Step #2 above is done manually by a volunteer translator for the Squid Project. So things like timing are variable.

  • (!) links if provided below in the instructions can be used as shortcuts.


Registration is free and only involves providing a Name and contact email address.

We do this mainly so we can acknowledge your contribution in the official TRANSLATORS credits. It also helps to prevent drive-by spamming of the public web tools.

If you don't want to be acknowledged, thats fine, just let the translation maintainer know. That is presently AmosJeffries

Public Suggestions

Being open source we want anybody to contribute. Once you have registered, choose the language(s) you know and want to help with.

  • How-To

  • Log in

  • Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the page
  • Click on Settings tab

  • Click Save changes button at the bottom of the page.

Now you can send in a suggestion for missing translations.

At this point you can see whats there. You are normally taken straight to the first missing text.

You can also send in alterations to existing texts.

  • How-To

  • Log in (if you haven't already)

  • Visit

  • Click on the name of your language.
  • Click on the Translate tab.

  • Click on Translate All which comes up.

  • You may want to make a shortcut of the page here so you can come back easily.

At this point you can see whats there. You are normally taken straight to the first text.

  • Navigate around the using the Next and Previous links to move up or down the list of translation texts.

  • Click on the number in the first column to select an entry for editing.

Don't expect any suggestions to be included in the sources or even visible until its been checked. All you have done at this point is add a new piece of text to the list of things to be processed into Squid.

See Translation Guidelines for what sort of things are needed to get your suggestion accepted.

  • (!) Special characters which standard PC keyboards may not provide easily are listed. Leaving the mouse cursor in the text box, and clicking on a character adds it to the text.

  • (!) If you are not fully certain you got the text right. Clicking the fuzzy checkbox can help the language moderator know they need to double-check it.


Some wonderful people have been willing to go further than just sending us suggestions. They have agreed to spend a few minutes a week checking a bunch of those suggestions.

  • (!) Only the languages listed as verified are checked. All the other suggestions just pile up waiting for someone who can do the job.

Weekly Notices

  • /!\ This feature is on hold for now.

Once a week each language is checked for missing text, new suggestions, and a few other things. The results of these checks are counted up and a summary TODO list is sent to the language translator.

The translators then have a week to check the things on that list before they get another reminder TODO summary.

The notice emails contain helpful links which go direct to the page where the needed task can be completed. Saving much time locating things in the maze of job links.

  • {i} If there is no translator the list gets sent to the Squid project team as a digest. We usually don't know the language so it's only an indication of where we need to track down new helpers from.

Suggestion Checks

New suggestions are likely to come in at some point. They need to be checked

Each phrase with suggestions will come up with all current details about that text. Changes from existing translation are highlighted to quickly see what the issue is.

Each is listed with two buttons:

  • Click on green (./) (accept) to replace existing translation with the suggested one.

  • Click on red X (reject) to remove the suggestion.

Adding New Translations

Translators are also encouraged to make sure there are no untranslated entries in the language.

The Translate tab also contains a link to Show Untranslated.

This provides a form same as the public suggestions. But since the translators are expected to know what they are writing. Allows direct entry of new text straight into the system.

Translation Project Maintenance

Supporting the translators is the translation maintainer. Presently AmosJeffries.

Like any software package maintenance position this position has a few tasks:

  • Finding new translators for languages which need one.

  • Contact point about any issues or changes to the system.

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