Misplaced ToDo's

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This list page just has a general TODO of various bogons noticed in squid.

  • internal requests - we change their protocol to HTTP in client_side, and then back to INTERNAL in client_side_reply. WTF.
  • delegate stuff like httpCachable to the request object, and from there to the URLScheme.
  • HTTP is considered unrevalidatable in client_side. Fixable by delegation to the protocol
  • why do we consider PUT requests to internal: etc servable ?
  • HTCP requests are not listed in the client db
  • ICP and HTCP are not protocols like the other protocols - split them out ?

Ancient TODO list from Squid 1.1 thru 2.5

This TODO list is no longer accurate. For more updated Squid plans see:

  • overlapping helper feature implementation (plain or stateful or both).
  • always/never direct syntax cleanups.
  • refactoring of acl driven types to reduce amount of duplicated
    • code (acl_check, acl_tos, acl_address, acl_size_t, ...)
  • ETag caching (???)
  • Generalize socket binding to allow for multipe ICP/HTCP/SNMP sockets
    • (get rid of udp_incoming_address) (???)
  • Rework the store API like planned
  • Improved event driven comm code
  • Buffer management (required by store API and comm code improvements)
  • Improved reply processing to not reparse the reply headers several
    • times
  • Implement HTCP authentication
  • Log HTCP queries somewhere, like htcp_query.log
  • There are various places where ICP means ICP/HTCP, and
    • other places where it does not. For example, cachemgr 'counters' stats like icp.pkts_sent count only ICP. However, in 'peer_select' stats, ICP does include HTCP as well.
  • dont re-sibling requests which came from a sibling
  • A customizable cache replacement policy. Ugh, this could be
    • interesting since we just optimized the LRU replacement with a doubly-linked list.
  • Calculate Content-Length for multipart range replies (AR)
  • Efficient public peer access control *without ACLs*
    • Bill Wichers <billw@unix0.waveform.net> Dave Zarzycki <zarzycki@ricochet.net> # distant_peer_deny (icmp rtt) (hops) # If the ICP client is farther than "z" hops away, # or if more than y% of pings to the client exceed # x milliseconds, then deny. distant_peer_deny 200 75 10

  • What to do about ACL's and URL escaping?
  • Review RFC 2068 and RFC 2109 for header handing, especially
    • Cache-Control.
  • Everywhere that we use 'pattern' or such, use ACL elements instead.
    • stoplist_pattern, refresh_pattern, ... (DW)
  • Refresh based on content types. This means we'll need an enum of
    • known content types added to StoreEntry. Unknown types will lose.

  • Write binary headers as metadata?
  • HTML-escape special characters in errorConvert().
  • X-Proxy-hops header?
  • #ifdefs to disable IP caching
  • REST for failed ftp transfers.
  • MD5 acl type

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