Support Points

Supporting Squid users is one of the primary functions of the Squid Project. Commercial support has serious potential to help both Squid users and the Squid Project.

The Squid Project is redesigning the current Squid Support Services page and the corresponding service listing procedures with the following goals in mind:

  • Encourage Squid Project contributions from service providers.
  • Reward service providers that contribute back to the Squid Project.
  • Significantly improve quality and usability.

  • Rely on a "foxes guarding foxes" system. Minimize Project overheads.

The key idea is to assign every service listing zero or more Support Points and to list services in the decreasing order of their Support Points. Other listing orders may be supported as well, but the default is going to be based on Support Points. Support Points calculation and listing procedures are detailed in the sections below.

Support Points Reporting Procedure: Self-Assessment

The Squid Project does not have the resources to accurately compute Support Points for all service provider listings. If a service provider wants to associate some Points with their listing, they must report their Points along with appropriate calculation/justification. That report is called Self-Assessment.

Squid Project folks reviewing new service entries before adding them to the database will review Self-Assessments and may verify any submitted number. Accepted Self-Assessments become public (linked from the Points number in the support table) so that other service providers can evaluate and, if needed, challenge them.

The first few Self-Assessments should probably be shared among submitters to allow for at least one round of adjustments before they are published and applied.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Very few people can drive these changes, and all of them are conflicted in one way or the other, so we must approach this as a "foxes guarding foxes" project where inherit conflicts of interests are acknowledged and channeled for common good rather than avoided.

Support Points Calculation

  • Category

    Support Points


    User Support

    log(15 * N)

    number of squid-users emails

    Developer Support

    log(15 * n)

    number of squid-dev emails

    Squid Development

    log(75 * N)

    number of trunk commits

    General Project Support


    donations size


    duty bonuses

Bonuses for volunteers performing specific, regular project duties:

  • Release Maintainer


    = 30*(2*365 + 4*52 + 16*12)

    Build Farm Maintainer


    = 20*(0*365 + 4*52 + 8*12)

    System Administrator


    Foundation Director


    Directorship is a conflict of interests position

    /!\ Commits are counted by Author, not Committer fields (if both are present). The number of trunk commits should include individual commits inside bzr merges because they usually indicate a larger or more important/difficult contribution. Most non-trunk commits are ported by the release maintainer and so are covered by Maintainer bonus.

    /!\ Donations may include monetary donations to the Foundation and non-monetary contributions with clear monetary value regularly used by the Project, such as payments for Squid Project hosting services or testing software.

    /!\ All numbers are calculated for the past year (starting approximately 395 days from the calculation date) and remain fresh for one year since submission (but may be occasionally updated before they become stale). Activities during the last 30 days should be excluded to minimize submission duels and rushed submissions relying on potentially unsettled issues.

    /!\ Logarithm base is 2. Log parameters below 1 are treated as 1 (and result in zero log value). The logarithm is applied to encourage balanced contributions and discourage attempts to game the system by "cheaply" inflating one of the sum elements.

Expected Changes

We expect the general structure of Support Points calculation to remain stable. However, the specifics will probably require some fine-tuning. We hope that this scheme reflects service provider contribution but understand that exact measurements and comparisons are not possible in this problem domain.

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