squidclient Tool

This tool is a command line utility for performing web requests.

It also has a special ability to send cache manager requests to Squid proxies.

Cache manager access from squidclient

A simple way to test the access to the cache manager is:

squidclient mgr:info
  • {i} If you are using a port other than 3128 on your Squid you will need to use the -p option to specify it.

See squidclient -h for more options.

To send a manager password (more on that below) there are two ways depending on your Squid version.

  • squidclient version 3.1.* and older you add @ then the password to the URL. So that it looks like this mgr:info@admin.

  • squidclient version 3.2.* use the proxy login options -u and w to pass your admin login to the cache manger.

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