Guidelines for contributors

  • Use ANSI C.
  • Keep in portability in mind. Test your changes on different platforms.
  • Follow the coding style of the rest of the code.
  • Submit diffs with diff -Nur old new. It is a good idea to review the diff before submission to ensure it contains your changes and no unrelated/accidental changes.

  • Squid uses automake, so any makefile changes must be done in, NOT
  • On any changes to files or, run ./ to regenerate automake/autoconf derived files (see also ProgrammingGuide/Bootstrap)
  • Consider hosting your development at until ready to be merged into the main sources

Guidelines for core developers

Those who commit code to the main CVS repository should also

  • Announce major changes to squid-dev some days before making the change to give the other core developers a chance to veto on the change.
  • Code MUST be formatted with GNU indent version 1.9.1 and these exact options indent -br -ce -i4 -ci4 -l80 -nlp -npcs -npsl -d0 -sc -di0 -psl
  • DO NOT attempt using any other version of indent or options. The CVS server will not accept the code if formatted differently.

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