Squid 5


Now in DEVELOPMENT cycle.

The set of new features and release timeline is determined by submissions and available developer time. New features may be completed and added at any time.

Features ported from 2.7 in this release:

Basic new features in 5.0:

  • Major UI changes:

    • Happy Eyeballs: Use each fully resolved forwarding destination ASAP.
  • Minor UI changes:

    • Add auth_schemes to control schemes presence and order in 401s/407s.

    • Add ACL types annotate_transaction and annotate_client.
    • Make CONNECT ACL a built-in default.
    • Add collapsed_forwarding_access to restrict Collapsed Forwarding of HTTP, ICP and HTCP requests.

    • Add mark_client_connection and mark_client_packet directives for Netfilter MARK and CONNMARK control.

    • Add deny_info and error page %A code to display Squid listening IP address.

    • New %ssl::<cert macro code to display received server X.509 certificate in PEM format.

  • Developer Interest changes:

    • ICAP Trailers.

    • Remove USE_CHUNKEDMEMPOOLS compiler flag.
    • All binaries now use standard EXIT_SUCCESS or EXIT_FAILURE termination results for better OS integration.
    • Migrated to TrivialDB from deprecated BerkleyDB versions.
    • ntlm_fake_auth: add ability to test delayed responses.
    • basic_ldap_auth: return BH on internal errors.

Packages of what will become Squid-5 source code are available at http://www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v5/

Security Advisories

See our Advisories list.

Open Bugs

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