Squid 3.0


Squid-3.0 is CONSIDERED DANGEROUS as the security people say. Due to unfixed vulnerabilities CVE-2014-7141, CVE-2014-7142, CVE-2014-6270, CVE-2014-3609, CVE-2012-5643, CVE-2013-0189, CVE-2009-0801 and any other recently discovered issues.

Mar 2010

the Squid-3.0 series became DEPRECATED with the release of Squid-3.1 series

Dec 2007

Released for production use.

The features have been set and code changes are reserved for later versions. Additions are limited to Security and Bug fixes

Basic new features in 3.0



  • umask Support


  • userhash Peer Selection
  • sourcehash Peer Selection
  • cachemgr.cgi Sub-Actions

Packages of squid 3.0 source code are available at http://www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v3/3.0/

Split Choice

As it stands, users will still need to make a choice between Squid-3.0 and Squid-2.7 when moving away from Squid-2.5 and Squid-2.6. This decision needs to be made on the basis of their feature needs.

The only help we can provide for this is to point out that:

  • Squid-3.0 has been largely sponsored by the Web-Filtering user community. With features aimed at adapting and altering content in transit.

  • Squid-2.7 has been largely sponsored by high-performance user community. With features aimed at Caching extremely high traffic volumes in the order of Terabytes per day.

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