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[DIFF] 14:51 Info AlexRousskov Added my TODO.
[DIFF] 23:56 Info AmosJeffries [1-2] #01 extracted non-C++ language details to their own supplementary pages
#02 move automake details to child page
[DIFF] 23:51 Info AmosJeffries extract C code style details from SquidCodingGuideline s
[DIFF] 23:49 Info AmosJeffries [1-2] #02 separated autoconf style details from SquidCodingGuideline s
[DIFF] 23:46 Info AmosJeffries [1-2] #02 separate automake / make details from general guidelines page
[DELETED] 12:59 Info AmosJeffries obsolete content
[DIFF] 23:09 Info AmosJeffries add section on what levels are used for (rough examples for level 3-8)
[DIFF] 01:16 Info AmosJeffries bump details of Ubuntu supported versions
[DIFF] 12:30 Info AmosJeffries [1-2] #01 prune Discussion page links from config examples list
#02 add table of contents for easier browsing to details in this page
[DIFF] 04:32 Info FrancescoChemolli
[DIFF] 05:10 Info AmosJeffries [1-3] #01 Copy merge and release policy details from RoadMap
#02 add default config, copy of v4 one
[DIFF] 05:07 Info AmosJeffries bump roadmap to track v6
[DIFF] 05:06 Info AmosJeffries initial content for 6.0.x series


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