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🔗 Delay Pools

🔗 Introduction

A DelayPool is a Composite used to manage bandwidth for any request assigned to the pool by an access expression. DelayId’s are a used to manage the bandwidth on a given request, whereas a DelayPool manages the bandwidth availability and assigned DelayId’s.

🔗 Extending Delay Pools

A CompositePoolNode is the base type for all members of a DelayPool. Any child must implement the RefCounting primitives, as well as five delay pool functions:

A DelayIdComposite is the base type for all delay Id’s. Concrete Delay Id’s must implement the refcounting primitives, as well as two delay id functions:

DelayPool class and follow the parse() code path for details.

🔗 Neat things that could be done.

With the composite structure, some neat things have become possible. For instance:

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