Free / Open Source HTTP proxy servers

  • Apache

    • offers an HTTP proxy module
  • Ziproxy

    • forwarding, non-caching, compressing HTTP proxy server. Its main feature is on-the-fly image and text (re)compression.

  • Polipo

    • a (mostly) HTTP/1.1-compliant proxy supporting IPv6, targeted for small groups of users; author attempted to make pipelined connection logic that "worked" in the real world with all the broken origin servers out there
  • PERL HTTP::Proxy

    • Pure-PERL HTTP proxy implementation
  • nginx

  • WWWOffle

    • its main purpose is to enable disconnected operation, and allows for content modification aimed to this purpose
  • Varnish

    • the main purpose of Varnish is high-performance HTTP reverse-proxying and content acceleration
  • HTTP Anti Virus Proxy

    • focus of the project is !ClamAV integration
  • Transproxy

    • Linux / FreeBSD specific transparent proxy
  • Shweby

    • ICAP support is the main focus of this project. Its design limits its applicability to very small groups of users
  • Small Screen Proxy

    • this project's focus is content adaptation for small-screen devices such as handlehds and PDAs
  • Paros Proxy

    • this Java-based project focuses on allowing security auditing and content modification of web applications
  • NTLM Authorization Proxy Server

    • this non-caching proxy's purpose is to act an authentication scheme gateway between NTLM (server-side) and Basic (client-side) to enable non-NTLM-aware clients to authenticate against NTLM-only servers.
  • HAProxy

    • despite the name, it's a reverse-proxy and load-balancer, meant for HTTP but also able to do TCP port-forwarding.
  • Traffic Server

    • Traffic Server is fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server. Formerly a commercial product (created by Inktomi, later acquired by Yahoo!) is now an Apache Incubator Project.

Discontinued projects

  • Proximitron

    • small yet quite powerful proxy for MS-Windows platforms, designed mainly for personal use

Commercial HTTP proxy offerings

Discontinued products

  • NetApp's NetCache product line was sold to BlueCoat Systems in 2006, and the product was discontinued

Free (as in beer) products

  • FreeProxy Internet Suite

    • runs on MS-Windows, aimed mainly at small groups, offers a wide range of connectivity options and protocols

Discontinued products

Squid-based commercial products

See "Squid based products" on the main site.

Discontinued products


Discontinued projects

  • PHProxy

    • seemed to be mostly useful as an anonymizer

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