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🔗 Response Terminology

This page documents various response-related terms. This terminology will be used, for example, to describe logformat %codes dealing with responses.

TODO: Transform into a more general Configuration Terminology page. This move should probably be done before PR #398 changes are committed.

TODO: The diagram below can be clarified a lot by using an image instead of an ASCII art. Graphical diagrams is one of the reasons we may want to document terminology here, on the wiki, instead of in squid.conf.documented. On the other hand, we can probably teach configuration renderer to to show images that use some simple embedding syntax in squid.conf.documented. The latter would help address the “which Squid version uses which terminology” problem.

client <-- (sent) -- Squid server <-- (received) -- Squid client <-- (virgin) -- origin server or cache peer
client <-- (sent) -- Squid server <-- (received) -- cache
client <-- (sent) -- Squid server <-- (received) -- error generator
client <-- (sent) -- Squid server <-- (received) -- pre-cache REQMOD request satisfaction service
client <-- (sent) -- Squid server <-- (received) -- pre-cache RESPMOD adaptation service(s) <-- Squid client <-- (virgin) -- origin server or cache peer

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