Josh O'Sullivan

Email: <osullijosh AT SPAMFREE ecs DOT vuw  DOT ac DOT nz>

O Hai! I'm a third year engineering student at Vic Uni, in Wellington, NZ.

My major is hardware, but I spend a lot of time on software & networking projects, as they don't cost me anything. The main is example of this is the server I run for my flat (heavy users), which among other things, runs squid to speed things up a little/reduce our Internet bill. Sounds unnecessary, but seeing TCP_MEM_HIT in the logs for 'robotunicornattack.swf' 100 times make me think its worth it :D

My main interesting in tinkering with squid is to allow for caching of CDN based content. My current project is caching youtube, although the current solution posted by me was a 2 hour job resulting from insomnia. If you've come here after seeing that, come back in two weeks (mid June), and hopefully I'll have had some time to make it nice, and fix the current problems with it.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions/comment/suggestions/offers (ie, collaboration, or a job, not Viagra kthx)

I am not familiar with wiki editing, so apologies if you've noticed my horrendous formatting.

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