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This wiki is dedicated to hosting Squid Web Cache documentation, including the FAQ, KnowledgeBase articles, ConfigExamples, and the development RoadMap.

Anyone is invited to contribute to this wiki; unfortunately in order to protect it against spamming we need to individually authorize contributors. Please see WikiAccountCreation for instructions on how to apply.

We now have an explicit CookiePolicy page. Please visit it if you are concerned about the topic (short version: this site uses technical cookies; we do not track users)

Starting points

You can learn about what a Wiki is and how to use it at AboutWiki. The following pages are good starting points.

Site News

  • 2015-06-01: added CookiePolicy

  • 2009-01-12 The wiki is now fully IPv6 active. The main Squid website is also edging closer with the first full IPv6 mirror in Europe http://www.eu.squid-cache.org .

  • 2008-12-08 The Squid Wiki is now also reachable using IPv6, at the URL http://eu6.squid-cache.org/, running Squid 3.1.0 as a front-end reverse proxy. An IPv6 record will be added within a few weeks for the main URL. If you run a v6-enabled client, please try using the test URL and report any issues to FrancescoChemolli

  • 2009-01-08 Added ThirdPartyModules registry. All developers of squid add-ons (authenticators, redirectors, external authorization modules, ICAP and eCAP adapters) are encouraged to register their work there.

If you experience problems with the site or the contents, please see ReportingWikiProblems for instructions on how to help us out improve.

Developers corner

DeveloperResources section has instructions for Bazaar and CVS access, coding guidelines, and other useful documentation.

Every now and then we try to organize some events, developer meetups or code sprints. In the MeetUps page you'll find schedules, notes and other event-related documentation.

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