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🔗 Squid Software Foundation Sponsorship Program

Version: 6

Sponsors are a welcomed and significant source of Foundation funds. Sponsors make non-directed monetary contributions of $1000 USD or more. To arrange for a payment, please contact the Foundation by sending an email to info@squid-cache.org with the word “sponsorship” somewhere on the subject line. In your email, please include:

  1. the amount of payment and payment currency
  2. the preferred payment method (Foundation accepts payments via a bank wire transfer, a major credit card, PayPal, and a US bank check)
  3. an explicit acknowledgment that you do not expect to receive any substantial benefit for your payment (an optional web site listing described below does not count as a substantial benefit)
  4. whether you would like to be publicly listed as a Sponsor on the Squid Project web site (see below for details)

Sponsors may request to be listed on the Squid Project web site. The following rules apply to such listings:

  1. The listing is added to the http://www.squid-cache.org/Support/sponsors.html page, above the entries reflecting non-monetary or historically significant contributions.
  2. The listing is not added unless the Sponsor explicitly requests it, provides the necessary artifacts listed below, and reviews the final version (provided by the Foundation on a mock page).
  3. The listing is not added until the Foundation receives and acknowledges a qualified donation.
  4. The listing is removed approximately one year (365 calendar days) after the last qualified donation is received and acknowledged by the Foundation.
  5. The listings are ordered left-to-right and/or top-to-bottom by the finalized donation amount, rounded down to the nearest $1000. In case of a tie between two rounded finalized amounts, the finalized donation which arrived earlier is listed more to the left and/or higher. For the purpose of ordering listings: Earlier same-year donations (if any) are prorated and added to the latest donation. The resulting amount is called the finalized donation amount. The time of the latest donation arrival is used as the finalized donation arrival time.
  6. Any HTML link from the listing, such as the link from the logo image, uses the rel=”nofollow” attribute.
  7. The listing must comply with US IRS “Qualified sponsorship payment” regulations.
  8. The Foundation reserves the right to change these rules at any time, without advance warnings and post factum notifications. Such changes may result in reordering, removal, and/or rejection of previously approved listings.

If you would like your Sponsor status to be reflected on the Squid Project web site, please supply the following artifacts:

  1. An explicit acknowledgment that you are familiar and agree with the listing rules provided above.
  2. An optional logo as a 190x75 pixels image suitable for display on white background.
  3. A required short alternative plain text for the logo image (i.e., the value of the HTML “alt” attribute of the logo <image> element). If the logo image is not supplied, this text will be used instead of the logo image.
  4. A URL to be used for the link from the logo.

:warning: Per US IRS regulations, a sponsor listing must not use qualitative or comparative language and must not contain price information (or other indications of savings or value), endorsements, or inducements to purchase, sell, or use the products or services. Sponsorship listings are not advertisements! Submissions that violate IRS guidelines or may be interpreted as ads (as judged by the Foundation) will be rejected.

Preparing your listing for publication may take a few weeks, and each review iteration with your team may increase that delay. Listings are removed one year after the last qualified donation (not one year after publication). To maximize the listing posting duration, you may submit all the necessary materials for review and preparation before you make the donation.

If you have any questions about these rules, please contact us.

Future changes: Depending on the sponsors feedback, the Foundation may split all sponsors into two or three levels (e.g., Gold, Silver, and Bronze). Sponsors donating significantly more than the minimum $1000 would get larger icons and/or a paragraph of text (subject to the same US IRS rules discussed above). If you think adding levels and/or text is a good idea, please tell us how your contribution would change if we offer those enhancements and what donation amounts you consider appropriate for each level.

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