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There ebtables settings that was mentioned at: are in contradiction to this page regarding the action of the ebtables rules. What should it be in order to make the bridged packets from the LAN to go into the iptables plane? ACCEPT or DROP?

-- Eliezer Croitoru 2016-02-09 07:49:14

DROP is the correct target action. The semantics of ebtables rules are that it either ACCEPTS the packet (delivering it over the bridge to the remote machine) or DROPS it out into the local machine for routing by iptables.

See the --redirect-target description in - "Making it DROP in the BROUTING chain will let the frames be routed."

There are however some strange combo of bugs in the kernel TCP stack, combined with various misconfigured settings where the ACCEPT can have the appearance of working. But the packets are in fact bouncing around, potentially over the network off the remote machines interfaces and kind of echoing back at Squid. That is of course quite bad for performance, reliability, security, privacy, etc.

-- AmosJeffries 2016-02-08 20:35:00

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