Feature: SHTTP (Secure HTTP messaging)

When a client needs to transmit sensitive content securely over potentially insecure or untrusted network connections it can do several things;

  • encrypt communications using the S-HTTP protocol defined in RFC 2660, or

  • encrypt the message payload using HTTP mechanism defined in RFC 8188, or

  • use a TLS encrypted connection (see Features/HTTPS)

Encrypted S-HTTP messaging

Squid does not (yet) support the RFC 2660 protocol.

Encrypted HTTP message payload

The RFC 8188 HTTP extension defines encryption as just another a payload encoding. Squid supports this protocol for all traffic cached.

Squid does not (yet) support acting as an end-client for resources using encryption coding.

Squid does not (yet) support acting as surrogate (reverse-proxy) performing encoding operations for this content. Only relay messages to an external service.

Encrypted connection

See Features/HTTPS


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