Feature: What do you want others to call this feature?

  • Goal: What must this feature accomplish? Try to use specific, testable goals so that it is clear whether the goal was satisfied. Goals using unquantified words such as "improve", "better", or "faster" are often not testable. Do not specify how you will accomplish the goal (use the Details section below for that).

  • Status: not started; What is the current status? standard choices are not started, in progress, and completed.

  • ETA: unknown. What is the estimated time of completion? Use either number of calendar days for not started features. Use an absolute date for started and completed features. Use unknown if unknown.

  • Version: What Squid version(s) will get this feature?

  • Developer:

  • More: Where can folks find more information? Include references to other pages discussing or documenting this feature. Leave blank if unknown.




No currently known issues.


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