Feature: Extra parameters on the command-line

  • Goal: Have squid accept extra configuration parameters on the command-line

  • Status: Not started

  • ETA: unknown

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  • More: Bug 2549


There is a request by Stanislav Sukholet to support specifying the http_port icp_port on the command-line, to better help parametrize system startup scripts. HenrikNordström suggests that there are multiple extra arguments to the http_port configuration directive, and that they all must be supported. FrancescoChemolli suggests that it may be possible to design a repeatable switch which takes a squid.conf configuration directive as argument. Prepending those lines to the actual squid.conf would give the needed flexibility without compromising complexity.

e.g.  squid -c 'http_port 80 vhost defaultsite=foo' -c 'debug_options ALL,2' -f /etc/squid/squid.conf.custom 

We'd need to define what's the best behaviour on reconfigure and how to obtain it. Please discuss :)


AmosJeffries: The include directive was created for this purpose (see Features/ConfigIncludes). A miniature config file containing just the local instance settings and a include can be passed to the new Squid instance using a single -f option.


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