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acl splash_page url_regex -i ^

# Set up the session helper in active mode.
external_acl_type session ipv4 concurrency=100 ttl=3 %SRC /opt/external_acl/session/session_moneta.rb

# Pass the LOGIN command to the session helper with this ACL
acl session_login external session LOGIN

# Set up the normal session helper.
external_acl_type session_active_def ipv4 concurrency=100 ttl=3 %SRC /opt/external_acl/session/session_moneta.rb

# Normal session ACL as per simple example
acl session_is_active external session_active_def

# ACL to match URL
acl clicked_login_url url_regex -i ^

# First check for the login URL. If present, login session
http_access allow clicked_login_url session_login
http_access allow splash_page

# If we get here, URL not present, so renew session or deny request.
http_access deny !session_is_active

# Deny page to display
deny_info session_is_active

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