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Demonic Content on the 21 centuary


In the 20th centuary the internet was developed based on the need to exchange information and contact two remote places Instantaneously. Until not long ago it was something that no everybody could afford to themself and was considered a luxury item. Little by little the sea bed was taken over by more and more cables. It started with a low speed cables and with them took little by little the luxury item from the Ferrari and Porsche level to a daily necessity one. Now the internet is becomming dynamic.

What is dynamic content?

There are many ways to see the dynamic nature of the internet. Every day we can lookup in an intranet or the internet different content and see how the content is being changed. You throw a "click" on a mouse, keyboard or any other humen interface and you see something that was not there a second ago. It's like there is a deamon inside the little "magic" box and you interact with it.

For a kid the description might be like that 1 or 2 houndreed years ago but not these days. Every kid in the current world knows or atleast belive that there a cause behind this "demonic" action and by a human in most cases. This is where the right and wrong are complexing the issue. It is true that for everything is being done by some humen somewhere in the world. This human that have built the machine or the human who programed this machine. Each and every human in the proccess of creating youtube is part of this "demonic" box. Youtube is a very usefull tool for everyday usage. Some would call it a good tool and others will curse it like any other invention. Youtube is only one example for many computer based systems that are very complex for the technical human but not for a kid.

Indeed we can call it "demonic" becuase not everyone can understand the complexity of these systems. They do exists and was programmed by some developers and sysadmins. There are humans and they have a very deep knowledge on the complexity of the task and this task force. They 100% can take such a BSD\LINUX rated task and use all the pieces together. This task which requires lots of design and engineering shows that humans have lots power in their hands. Every kid can tell these days that the "dynamic content" age is here.

Why "Demonic"?

Sometimes People describe things that they cannot make sense of "demonic" or "magically" and which in most cases are wrong! The internet is based on lot's of electrical machines such as routers, switches, servers and mainframes. All these compute machines can store and proccess lots of data that gets in and spit out something as a response. No it has no powers and will never be superior to a human. There is however the option to make a human believe like any sales man. If the sales man will put his words in a way that the client will like, he will probably think about buying. It's not guarteed that the client will buy and in most cases people have the education to understand that a sales man does it's job and it's to sale. Indeed to sale something to someone when he doesn't need it can actually might not considered a law crime. When this happen the sales man is a deamon and the product will be demonic.

What? Why? How? "Dynamic Content"

The main thing with dynamic content is that it's responding to something from memory. We can look at netflix or hulu that are avaliable only in specific parts of the world as a live example. The machine has in the memory something and reacts accordingly.

The above is only a simple example of the idea behind dynamic content. To demstrate what information can be extracted you can look at: - whats my ip sites. - Can you run it sites - news sites - dns servers responses

Each and every one of these systems\machines have their own "DATABASE" that they are using to look on your IP and in some cases your PC. Indeed these are demonic machines but they with all their powers it's only a machine and it will always will be limited to some extent and even a hacking kid can beat them.

Sometimes these sites contains "demoinc content" such as malware or autogenerated "blob" documents as a husle for fake news or software. Some good and some are bad.

Real world example for malware you can see and feel

Some sites offers a software download while they do not provide the original EXE file. Others offer content that do not really exists and provide you with a false driver or text file.

Imagine you are reading a book inside a tablet or a cell phone and suddely the screen pops you some message "low battery". What would a 100 years old human will think for the first time seen it? What would a 2 years old kid will think?

In my youth I have seen some kids running pranks using a computer and was unsure what to do. Once of these pranks was a "virus" that makes a directory to be linked recursivly to root(aka "/") causing all sort of weird things to a DOS system. Not everyone could have done this but it happen to computers once or twice. At the time I had couple choices what to do in order to take care of the issue: - reformat the 80MB drive. - ask a pc expert to fix it. - ignore it and use the PC as it is.

In my case it was a very simple PC, expensive but not work related. Eventually I started by askning the nearby adults about the issue. Fast enough the answer was that a PC expert will probably choose the same path as me, reformat the drive and install a new antivirus. Later I had lot's of expirence with malware and PC in general and I have learned that in many cases the option to ask somebody else is not just an option but one of the good things that we humans have in common. It's the same if we are sitting as a sysadmin behind the wheel of the machine or as the client alongside the driver.

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