/!\ a wide consensus has been reached towards replacing CVS with another more modern Version Control solution. If you do not already have a VCS please see BzrInstructions.

Repository Location

To checkout the current source tree from our CVS server:

  % setenv CVSROOT ''
  % cvs login

When prompted for a password, enter 'anoncvs'.

  % cvs checkout squid3

You can use  cvs -d checkout squid3  for a shorter all-in-one method that wont set environment variables.

If you make automake related changes then you will need to bootstrap your tree -


This may give errors if you don't have the right distribution-time dependencies (libtool, automake > 1.5, autoconf > 2.61).

To update your source tree later, type:

  % cvs update

Repository Mirrors

  cvs login
  • ..blank password, just press enter...

  cvs co -rHEAD -d squid-HEAD squid3
  • {i} Squid-3 STABLE branches are not mirrored in CVS.

/!\ Note: If you are looking for the main Squid sources please see BzrInstructions and use the Bazaar instead.

Web View

To view the CVS history online and browse the current sources use the CVSWeb interface.

SourceForge mirror web view

Repository developer branches (obsolete)

Many works in progress are hosted in our public developer CVS repository. Some further information for developers and testers is on the developer site at

The experimental code CVS repository and server is kindly hosted by SourceForge

The Squid Development projects CVS server and can be reached both anonymously using pserver and online on the web.


Access to older Squid version

To access older Squid releases use the same procedure as above to login and then checkout the specific version sources

Squid-2, please use this when submitting patches etc

  cvs checkout -d squid-2 squid

Squid-2.7.STABLE, for tracking the current STABLE release.

  cvs checkout -d squid-2.6 -r SQUID_2_7 squid


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