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🔗 Contributing to the Squid Wiki

Thanks for considering contributing to the Squid Web Cache wiki. The easiest way to do so is by submitting a pull request to the squid-cache/squid-cache.github.io repository.

Files are formatted in Github-flavourd MarkDown, and rendered using Jekyll and Liquid.

We have provided some Hints on Jekyll to get any contributor up to speed with the underlying context.

🔗 Self-hosting for development

It is possible to run the full website on a local computer. In order to do so one needs to have Jekyll and a recent version of Ruby. On Linux these are generally provided by your distribution. On *BSD, they can be obained from the ports collection, and on MacOS they are available from homebrew.

Then, from the root of the git checkout, run ./bin/serve ; this will compile the site and run it on http://localhost:4000, you can test your changes locally untilk you are satisfied and you wish to push your changes back.

Happy hacking!

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