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Torrent filtering is a diffucult problem. which can't be solved easily. To difficult this for users you can first deny download .torrent files.


You can also enforce this task uses NBAR protocol discovery (DPI functionality) in your router (ISR G-2 and above 29xx Cisco series or similar). Only Squid can't completely block torrents your wish.

Squid Configuration File

Paste this to your squid.conf file. Then reconfigure squid.

# Block torrent files
acl TorrentFiles rep_mime_type -i mime-type application/x-bittorrent
http_reply_access deny TorrentFiles
deny_info TCP_RESET TorrentFiles

This preventing downloading .torrent files by users via browsers.

Cisco router configuration

You can effectively enforce blocking torrents with Cisco router like this:

!ip nbar protocol-pack flash0:pp-adv-isrg2-155-3.M1-23-15.0.0.pack
ip nbar protocol-pack flash0:/pp-adv-isrg2-155-3.M2-23-22.0.0.pack 
class-map match-any torrent
 match protocol bittorrent
 match protocol bittorrent-networking
 match protocol encrypted-bittorrent
 match protocol encrypted-emule
 match protocol webthunder
 match protocol edonkey
 match protocol edonkey-static
 match protocol gnutella
 match protocol goboogy
 match protocol fasttrack-static
 match protocol winmx
 match protocol winny
 match protocol ares
 match protocol Konspire2b
 match protocol filetopia
 match protocol manolito
 match protocol networking-gnutella
 match protocol perfect-dark
 match protocol poco
 match protocol ppstream
 match protocol share
 match protocol songsari
 match protocol sopcast
 match protocol soulseek
 match protocol tomatopang
 match protocol xunlei-kankan
 match protocol dht
 match protocol torrentz
policy-map Net_Limit
 class torrent
 class class-default
  bandwidth remaining percent 15 
interface GigabitEthernet0/0
! This is external router interface
 ip nbar protocol-discovery
 service-policy output Net_Limit

This configuration, depending which P2P protocol you are specified, completely terminates all torrent sessions on border router/firewall.

  • /!\ You need to have actual NBAR2 protocol pack to do this. To do this you need to have subscription for Cisco's service and router which is support DPI, like ISR-G2 router (2901 or the similar). And you can use Squid to enforce deny download .torrent files via HTTP/HTTPS. Both of these methods permit you to block torrents almost completely.

    /!\ Also note, to filter encrypted P2P protocols, on most Cisco's devices you need to activate SECURITY technology pack or has security-enabled iOS version.


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