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πŸ”— How to cache Vimeo

by Yuri Voinov

Warning: Any example presented here is provided β€œas-is” with no support or guarantee of suitability. If you have any further questions about these examples please email the squid-users mailing list.

πŸ”— Outline

Sometimes you require to block (only) Vimeo videostreams.

πŸ”— Usage

This blocks just Vimeo streams, not vimeo.com itself.

πŸ”— Squid Configuration

in your squid.conf acl vimeo url_regex pdl.vimeocdn.com\/..mp4\? (akamai[hd|zed]|vimeocdn).[a-z]{3}\/.\/(vimeo[..mp4|..m4s) http_access deny vimeo

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