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🔗 Coin Miners Filtering

by Yuri Voinov

🔗 Outline

Malware coin-mining scripts is modern trend to use foreign CPU/memory resources without explicit user’s permission. This is actual problem, which can be suppressed by browser’s plugin. However, it is requires to install add-ons manually, and impossible in some cases.

🔗 Usage

To protect users from coin miners it is enough to set-up gateway to block communications between malware JS and mining pools. This will disable coin miners on client-side.

🔗 More

In any case, to achieve this goal, you should set up SSL Bump-aware Squid. Since over 80% of HTTP traffic, the proxy does not make sense without the inspection of encrypted traffic. Do not forget about security - such a proxy should not reduce security and its cache should be protected from unauthorized access, as well as logs.

The most convenient way to implement protection against miners is using ufdbguard. But if, by any reason, you don’t want to use redirector, you can simple use squid’s acl (dstdomain, for example).

🔗 Squid Configuration File

Paste the configuration file like this:

# ufdbGuard rewriter
url_rewrite_program /usr/local/ufdbguard/bin/ufdbgclient -m 4
url_rewrite_children 64 startup=8 idle=4 concurrency=4
url_rewrite_extras "%>a/%>A %un %>rm bump_mode=%ssl::bump_mode sni=\"%ssl::>sni\" referer=\"%{Referer}>h\""
url_rewrite_access allow all
url_rewrite_bypass off

You can find updateable coin miners list here.

To automate updates with cron, you can use this script:

    # Convert the miners server listing
    # into an ufdbGuard domains.
    # Modified by Y.Voinov (c) 2014,2018

    # Variables

    # OS commands
    AWK=`which awk`
    CHOWN=`which chown`
    ECHO=`which echo`
    GREP=`which grep`
    MV=`which mv`
    PRINTF=`which printf`
    TOUCH=`which touch`
    WGET=`which wget`

    $ECHO "List downloading..."
    $WGET -O $work_dir/miners "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Marfjeh/coinhive-block/master/domains" && \
    $ECHO "Move to blacklists directory..."
    $MV $work_dir/miners $dst_dir/domains

    # Change permission
    $PRINTF "Set permissions..."
    $CHOWN $filteruser:$filtergroup $dst_dir/domains
    $ECHO "Done."

    # Update date'n-time
    $PRINTF "Update date and time to current..."
    $TOUCH $dst_dir/*
    $ECHO "Done."

🔗 ufdbguard configuration

Add category to ufdbguard.conf:

category miners {
        domainlist "miners/domains"
        redirect "http://your_proxy_FQDN:8080/cgi-bin/URLblocked.cgi?clientgroup=%s&clientaddr=%a&category=%t&url=%u"

Then add !miners to ufdbguard ACL(s). Don’t forget to compile miners database and restart ufdbguardd.

Also, don’t forget to configure ufdbguard to work with bump-enabled Squid:

redirect-bumped-https "https://your_proxy_FQDN:4443/cgi-bin/URLblocked.cgi?clientgroup=%s&clientaddr=%a&category=%t&url=%u"

and make sure you redirection web-server has configured SSL.

⚠️ Disclaimer: Any example presented here is provided "as-is" with no support
or guarantee of suitability. If you have any further questions about
these examples please email the squid-users mailing list.

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