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🔗 Filtering Whatsapp Messenger (mobile/web)

by Yuri Voinov

🔗 How to pass Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of difficult-to-pass IM software. Two issues found:

  1. Web whatsapp general connecting
  2. Media files transfers for mobile Whatsapp application

First of all, Whatsapp requires SSL Bump-aware squid (no matter, bump all or splice all config). With splice all config, all Whatsapp apps should work without issues.

On the other hand, bump all config requires some additional steps to make both (web and mobile) Whatsapp applications work.

🔗 Squid Configuration File

First, let’s assume you have SSL Bump configuration like this:

# SSL bump rules
acl DiscoverSNIHost at_step SslBump1
acl NoSSLIntercept ssl::server_name_regex "/usr/local/squid/etc/acl.url.nobump"
ssl_bump peek DiscoverSNIHost
ssl_bump splice NoSSLIntercept
ssl_bump bump all

To make Whatsapp works, add this to acl.url.nobump:

# Web.whatsapp.com
# Whatsapp CDN issue

That’s all. Just reconfigure squid.

Don’t forget to put proxy CA to mobile devices.

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