cache_object:// URI Scheme

The cache_object is the URI scheme which defines a naming structure suitable for referring to Cache Manager Objects. The scheme specific part is defined as below:

  • cache_object://hostname/request@password

    • hostname - server where the target Cache Manager resides.

    • request - name of the action that should be executed.

    • password - pass-phrase for access-controlled actions.

If request is not specified, the default is menu, which will enumerate all available actions. The password is only required for pages that require it.

  • {i} Squid-3.1 and later all accept HTTP Basic authentication credentials instead of a URL-based password. Use the WWW-Authenticate: header to pass the password.


  • cache_object://localhost/ - refers the menu action.

  • cache_object://machineA/info - refers the info action at machineA.

  • cache_object:// - points to the config action using the badpass pass-phrase.

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