Project: Dockerised build and packaging


I have been building and packaging Squid-Cahce for CentOS/Oracle/AWS/Suse and couple other distributions. Since RedHat and other distributions made it possible to build and pack software in their "Software Collections" There is no real need for me to build Squid every time a release is out.

Since my web service is being abused by many on the Internet I decided to "Offload" the build service to others.

I have created a repository which contains docker build nodes for x86_64(Only) that might work on other platforms.

This build system has been tested a lot but due to the migration from VM's to Docker it requires re-evaluation.

I am planning to stop my build nodes and my repository hosting services in the next couple month to a year. For now there is a QOS system on my service and for instructions on how to access these try:

If you are interested in funding these, contact me on my mobile or email.

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