Store URL Rewriting

What is it?

Store URL rewriting allows administrators to "map" various forms of a URL into a canonical form for cache storage and retrieval. Unlike normal URL rewriters, this only rewrites the URL used for cache operations; request forwarding (to upstream caches and origin servers) uses the original URL.

How does it work?

The Store URL rewriter code sits in the same code pathway as the normal URL rewriter code. It hooks into the processing path between the received request and the cache lookup; before the request is forwarded to an upstream or peer cache.

The cache stores two URLs - the original URL and the "transformed" URL. The transformed URL is used for cache storage and retrieval; the original URL is used for forwarding the request. The upstream or peer cache will receive the original URL in the request.

Configuration parameters

These configuration parameters mirror the normal URL rewriter configuration parameters; the code is almost entirely shared.


Reference: []

Define the helper program used to rewrite URLs. The above cfgman link has a good descripion of the URL rewriter parameters.


Reference: []

How many child processes to use.


Reference: []

The number of requests each redirector helper can handle in parallel. Defaults to 0 - ie, the old style synchronous redirector. This parameter isn't very well documented - for now, look at [] for more information.


Reference: []

The requests to send to the store URL rewriter. If the store URL rewriter is enabled then by default all requests will be sent to it. You shouldn't need -all- requests to be sent through the rewriter; this option allows you to redirect specific requests through the rewriter and have the rest of the requests bypass this code path entirely.

The ACL lookup is done on the -request-, not on the -reply-, so only ACL elements and information which are available at request time are available here. This includes the request URL and headers, but does not include reply status code, reply headers (eg Location) and such.



Current issues

  • Does not work properly yet with ICP - patch pending in bugzilla

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