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How to email me? Google for "adrian chadd". Plenty of ways to contact me are available.

What do I do anyway?

Adrian is no longer active in Squid development; in the past he's been a driving force on improving squid performance. Among other things, he's a FreeBSD committer, especially active in wifi driver development


  • Evaluate linking Squid against libevent rather than rolling our own event framework
  • Evaluate using boost::asio for network IO; which would allow for a whole lot of interesting stuff (efficient windows networking, scatter/gather IO, multi-thread event layer, etc.)
  • Look at writing a "link" class which has a TCP socket on one side and producer/consumer hooks on the other side; so various networking bits don't have to care about sockets
  • Rip out all of the delay-aware read code and give some thought to doing it "neatly"
  • Write some gather write() code to implement a writev() type and evaluate what speedup is achievable by using writev() to write a list of headers to a socket rather than using the packer (as the kernel still has to copy the data anyway) - this'll be trickyish as the API needs to ensure the underlying data used doesn't change, rather than the current situation where once the reply has been packed into a MemBuf said reply can be freed, and the MemBuf will hang around.. (not that I think that happens, but it needs to be explicitly defined that way..)

  • Look at the ClientStreams interface and try to separate out various HTTP "messages" (request/reply info, headers, request body, reply body, trailers) so we don't have to re-parse/pack the stream so many times

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